Frequent Asked Questions

What is Touriz?

Touriz is a complete eTicketing System to help you (the Attraction, Ticket Wholesaler or Event Organiser) distribute etickets to your agents or resellers.

It is integrated with a redemption system to help your operations department manage your redemptions.

Furthermore, there is a Touriz Payment System module for your accounts department to handle accounting.

Should you want to get online and increase your distribution network at low costs, we are confident we are the fastest and cheapest way to do so.

Why do I need to distribute digitally?

Trip Research

Trip Research

Based on many reports that our customers are going online and making bookings online, Attractions, Ticket Wholesalers and Event Organizers need to support their distribution network with Instant Conformation and Instant Delivery options via eTicketing.

I already have a website, what’s different about Touriz?

Touriz is meant to compliment your existing website in terms of targeting Travel Agents and Resellers (both Inbound and Domestic) by giving you B2B channels.

There are more than 900 Travel Agents or Resellers in which your products can be channeled to via selected 3 rd Party Channels in Singapore and Indonesia.

Furthermore, we have 3 rd Party Channels in other marketssuch as China, Korea and Japan.

I don’t have a website, what can Touriz do for me?

We work with 3rd Parties to create a fully integrated B2C website for you.

Your B2C store comes fully integrated to take in card payments, both online and via invoice links.

What credit cards can your B2C site take?

We have integrated Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay, Alipay and Wechatpay.

In addition, for selected markets like Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, we are integrating local payment systems.

Do I get my dedicated domain?

Yes, you will get your own domain.

Am I able to customize my domain?

There are selected Templates and Color Schemes for you to customize your display. You will be able to put up your own banner.

Are my B2C and B2B sites visible on Mobile?

Yes, your OS will be Mobile-enabled and available to take in bookings on mobiles and ipads

What languages are available for me?

Currently, we support Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malayu, Simplified Chinese, English.

You will have to update your products in the relevant language. You can choose to display more than 1 language on your B2C site.

What do I need to sign up?

As long as you are a Attraction, Tour Operator, Ticket Wholesaler or Event Organiser, we welcome you to sign up.

What are the costs of using your system?

There is a one time sign up fee and a small transaction fee.

Please contact us for details.

Are the transactions fees competitive?

If you consider that the manpower costs of distributing tickets manually, your costs would easily be double of what our transaction fees would be.

My B2C website is in English and my staff only understand English, how do I put up my products in Simplified Chinese?

We have simple translation packages available

Company main page + up to 3 products

USD 50

additional products (in block of 3 products)

USD 50